Army Ranger Jesse Jensen served four combat tours fighting to protect our freedoms, and he’s ready to continue that mission in Congress. In the Army, he led troops in combat and took out high-value targets. Now, he’ll take on the politicians in D.C.

Jensen sees what the radical socialist politicians in D.C. are doing to our country, and he’s not content to sit back and watch from the sidelines any longer.




Jesse Jensen for Congress
Jesse Jensen for Congress
Great day putting up some more signs! FYI yard size signs are in. Let me know if you want one - unless you want a big one in your yard too!
Jesse Jensen for Congress
Jesse Jensen for Congress is at Frontier Park Graham WA.
Frontier Park Graham WA
Join me for some Beer, BBQ and Red White and Blue!

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Jesse Jensen for Congress
Jesse Jensen for Congress is in Leavenworth, Washington.
Leavenworth, Washington
Out delivering signs to our great supporters in Leavenworth. Comment below if you have a location for one!
Jesse Jensen for Congress
Jesse Jensen for Congress is in Leavenworth, Washington.
Leavenworth, Washington
Snuck out in between panels to knock some doors!
Jesse Jensen for Congress
Jesse Jensen for Congress
Thank you to Mayor Jon Nehring and the Main Stream Republicans for putting together a great first night of the Cascade conference last night. Special shout out to WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich for being a great moderator of the 8th Congressional District panel as well. Speaking to the issues that the people of Washington need to see change!


Words cannot express the heartache I feel for the tragedy that has unfolded in Uvalde. Children were murdered in cold blood. We must put an end to mass shootings in this country. Enough is enough.
Knocking doors is that much better with the beautiful mountain views in Leavenworth! JesseJensenWA photo
What happens first? $10 gallon gas or Kim Schrier voting 10 times against affordable gas JesseJensenWA photo
❗️ICYMI: It has now been six (6) times since March that multimillionaire Kim Schrier has voted against affordable energy costs for her constituents… #gasprices in WA are now over $5 a gallon. Read more below⬇️⬇️ JesseJensenWA photo
Two-thirds of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Compared to one year ago, prices are skyrocketing across the board:

⛽⬆ 44%       ✈⬆ 33%

🍳⬆ 23%     🚗⬆ 23%

🥓⬆ 18%     🧈⬆ 16%

🥛⬆ 15%       🐔⬆15%

🐮⬆ 14%     ☕⬆ 14%

🐟⬆ 13%     💡⬆ 11%
Field team Jensen out in full force here in Snohomish County this morning! Thank you to everyone who came out, over 500 doors knocked today! #RedWave2022 #WA08 JesseJensenWA photo
Who wants to knock doors with me this weekend? Sign up below!! JesseJensenWA photo
#HappyMothersDay to all the great moms out there, thank you for all you do! JesseJensenWA photo
We need your support! Donate 5$ today to help us take back control of the US House!
🚨Endorsement alert🚨 Honored to have the support of @robertcobrien JesseJensenWA photo
At ⁦ @JimFerrellKCP⁩ kick off. Incredible hearing about his desire to “Seek Justice and do the right thing”. We are at the tipping point of the end of the social contract. We need someone to prosecute crime in this county. Go Jim! JesseJensenWA photo
As an Army Ranger I detained
terrorists overseas so they wouldn't
come to the US. ⁦ @JoeBiden⁩ and
@DrKimSchrier⁩ have made us less
safe abroad and now they want to
suspend Title 42 meaning more
terrorists will attempt to cross our
I’m hearing from voters who have been waiting for over 20 months on a disability claim and over 5 months for cancer screenings at the VA.

It's completely unacceptable for Biden to divert VA resources to address the border crisis which he created.
Enjoy the shoes, @KennedyNation!
Kennedy @KennedyNation
Does private Twitter make you sad?? @ElonMusk is using #capitalism to improve social discourse, so cry up buttercup! #KennedyWatch
Great speech from ⁦ @robertcobrien⁩ last night at the ⁦ @KCGOP⁩ Lincoln Day dinner. Makes me miss the the days of ⁦ @RichardGrenell⁩ and ⁦ @robertcobrien⁩ and strong foreign policy! JesseJensenWA photo
Words matter. @robertcobrien said it best every morning to the Trump administration NSC “weakness is provocative”

Apparently the Biden administration thinks weakness and appeasement is a sound foreign policy. I disagree.
I think my kids are the secret weapon at the doors… best door knocking team! JesseJensenWA photo
Proud to have my sign next to @Burnett4Sheriff, and prouder still to have his endorsement!

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