Kim Schrier Blocks McMorris Rodgers Energy Independence Bill

According to The Seattle Timesgas prices have hit a new high in Washington State as Vladimir Putin continues committing war crimes against Ukraine and detaining his own people for protesting his invasion. Despite that, Congresswoman Kim Schrier refuses to make it more difficult on Putin to commit his war crimes against innocent Ukrainians, including women and children.

The Congresswoman blocked Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s “American Energy Independence from Russia Act” that would increase American energy production and exploration to break our dependency on Putin for our energy needs. This is just the latest example of Congresswoman Schrier siding with the usual band of far-left liberals like Nancy Pelosi and AOC.

Jesse Jensen Statement: “Congresswoman Schrier had a chance to stick it to Vladimir Putin but instead she chose to keep us dependent on a vile war criminal for our energy needs. It is clear that Congresswoman Schrier has gone to Washington and has quickly lost her way.”