3 Pointers for Joe Biden’s Trip to Washington State

Joe Biden and his abysmally low approval rating are heading to Washington State for a two-day tour. While Biden is touting his extremist agenda rubber-stamped by Congresswoman Kim Schrier, we have a few pointers for the embattled President:

  1. Find an alternative route to avoid downtown Seattle, where crime has gotten so bad that Amazon is relocating its employees. Surely these criminals feel emboldened when Schrier votes against condemning the Defund the Police movement.
  2. But don’t go too far out of the way while avoiding crime in downtown Seattle since gas is nearly $5 per gallon thanks to Schrier voting 5 times since March against lowering fuel costs.
  3. Avoid touring the Employment Security Division, where Nigerian criminals recently defrauded taxpayers out of $650 million in a COVID relief fund scheme. This will make things less awkward for Schrier, who voted to block efforts to recover these funds.

But if Biden wants to publicly praise Congresswoman Schrier for voting for his failed extremist agenda 100% of the time, we are all for it!