Insider Update

Hello everyone!

We are in the final push of the primary. Ballots drop on Friday! Make sure you keep an eye out in your mailbox and get that ballot returned right away! The campaign is tracking returns starting on July 19th When the SOS starts to report, so the quicker you get It in, the better!

We have been all around the district the past few weeks, and I have some exciting data to share. Please see a full update below:

Political Update:

The campaign has participated in virtually every parade and city fair across the district. Some of our favorite stops were on July 4th in the Enumclaw parade, Cle Elum Pioneer Days and over in Kent for Cornucopia days!

The Press:

The campaign has also engaged in a fair share of earned media recently, with appearances on:

Ari Hoffman’s show on KVI (1:45)
The Commute with John Carlson
Jason Rantz on KTTH
KPQ News Radio

We also recorded a spot on KIRO news which should be airing soon!

Grass Roots:
We have been having a GREAT response at the doors. Jobs/ Economy/ Inflation continues to be the top issues out there followed by Crime and Public Safety.

The key data point for the field program is the Jensen Support ID. If we knock on a voter’s door, we have an incredible opportunity to persuade that voter! 55% of people come our way after a conversation. If anyone would like to come knock with the team, phone bank from home or knows anyone who wants to get involved, please let us know! We have 20 days left, we need to give It all we got at the doors.

Yard Signs:
To date the campaign has deployed 125 4×8 yard signs and over 1100 small signs! Let me know if any one still needs one or has any locations for a 4×8!

Fundraising $:
As always, we need financial support, but we need It now more than ever. With ballots dropping on Friday, our opportunity for paid voter contact dwindles by the day as voters return their ballots. Our ad is currently up on tv (see here) and we need to keep It on tv!

Thank you all for your continued support.

3 Pointers for Joe Biden’s Trip to Washington State

Joe Biden and his abysmally low approval rating are heading to Washington State for a two-day tour. While Biden is touting his extremist agenda rubber-stamped by Congresswoman Kim Schrier, we have a few pointers for the embattled President:

  1. Find an alternative route to avoid downtown Seattle, where crime has gotten so bad that Amazon is relocating its employees. Surely these criminals feel emboldened when Schrier votes against condemning the Defund the Police movement.
  2. But don’t go too far out of the way while avoiding crime in downtown Seattle since gas is nearly $5 per gallon thanks to Schrier voting 5 times since March against lowering fuel costs.
  3. Avoid touring the Employment Security Division, where Nigerian criminals recently defrauded taxpayers out of $650 million in a COVID relief fund scheme. This will make things less awkward for Schrier, who voted to block efforts to recover these funds.

But if Biden wants to publicly praise Congresswoman Schrier for voting for his failed extremist agenda 100% of the time, we are all for it!

The Real-World Impact on Kim Schrier’s War on Affordable Energy

A recent report by King 5 News is illustrating the ramifications of Congresswoman Kim Schrier’s war on affordable energy. The story explains how skyrocketing fuel costs are hurting small businesses ranging from asphalt companies to local farmers and forcing them to pass costs on to consumers.

But that is no concern for multimillionaires like Kim Schrier, who has voted 5 times since March against lowering energy costs for her constituents. Instead, she continues voting 100% of the time with Joe Biden and his war on affordable energy.

Talk about being out-of-touch.

CORRECTION: Kim Schrier Votes 6 Times Against Lowering Energy Costs

On Tuesday, we highlighted a report by King 5 News illustrating the ramifications of Congresswoman Kim Schrier’s war on affordable energy.

In that release, we explained how energy costs are of no concern for multimillionaires like Kim Schrier, who has voted 5 times since March against lowering energy costs for her constituents.

Shortly after hitting “send,” Schrier voted for a 6th time against lowering energy costs. As such, it has now been six (6) times since March that multimillionaire Kim Schrier has voted against affordable energy costs for her constituents.

And in case you are wondering, gas is now $5.18/gallon in Washington State.

Did Kim Schrier Blame Herself For Border Crisis?

At a recent town hall, Congresswoman Kim Schrier blamed Joe Biden for the crisis at the southern border, saying in part, “whatever we’re doing right now, it’s not working.”

Since Schrier votes with Joe Biden 100% of the time, including on his immigration policies, which means she should be blaming herself. But the Congresswoman won’t do that.  Because Congresswoman Schrier is just your typical politician who places blame on everyone but herself.

Kim Schrier is just your typical politician who places blame on everyone but herself.

That’s not leadership, thats cowardice.

Check out her comments by clicking HERE.

Jesse Jensen Calls on Joe Biden to Declare Vladimir Putin as a War Criminal

Bonney Lake, WA – Jesse Jensen, former Army Ranger, combat veteran, and candidate for Congress in Washington’s 8th District today called on President Joe Biden to declare Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal. Jensen’s call comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of committing war crimes against the Ukrainian people.

“I am calling on President Joe Biden to stand up to Vladimir Putin and immediately declare him as a war criminal,” said Jesse Jensen. “I have a five-year-old, three-year-old and 20-month-old and those are the same ages of the kids dying in Ukraine because of cluster bombs and shelling of residential areas at the direction of Vladimir Putin. These horrific acts are being perpetrated by Putin and he needs to answer for his crimes against humanity.”

Jesse Jensen Response to State of the Union Address

Bonney Lake, WA – Jesse Jensen, former Army Ranger, combat veteran, and candidate for Congress in Washington’s 8th District today released the following response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address.

“The state of our union has been weakened under the failed leadership of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Inflation is at its highest levels in 40 years and causing undue financial hardship to working-class Americans and seniors. Our brave law enforcement personnel have been demonized to the point where criminals feel empowered to turn our entire state into a lawless dystopia previously reserved for liberal bastions like San Francisco. Two short years ago we were energy independent, but under the energy policies of Joe Biden, costs have skyrocketed and have made us dependent on a Russian thug who is currently threatening a nuclear war.

“Joe Biden has also failed on the global stage. We no longer have a southern border. Biden’s weakness has emboldened adversaries ranging from the Taliban in Afghanistan to war criminals like Vladimir Putin in Russia. Biden’s weakness becomes obvious when the brave volunteers of groups like Task Force Argo have to do the government’s job overseas while thugs like Putin plan invasions of sovereign nations like Ukraine.

“It is no coincidence that all of this has happened since Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer took full control of our federal government 13 months ago. Collectively, they have failed to rise to the occasion to meet this critical moment in history. Their failures underscore the importance of Republicans winning back control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.”

Learn more about Jesse Jensen’s campaign for Congress at 

Crime is out of control in Washington State and across America

Crime is out of control in Washington State and across America. Thieves are driving through the front windows of drug stores to steal ATMs.  And just yesterday it was reported that three men held up a local family at gunpoint in front of their children. But this uptick in crime shouldn’t be surprising when local “leaders” like Congresswoman Kim Schrier voted against condemning the radical defund the police movement.

Joe Biden recognizes this is an issue for Congresswoman Schrier and the increasingly radicalized Democrat Party. Last night Biden said, “The answer is to not defund the police. It’s to fund the police. Fund them. Fund Them.” Even CNN was forced to admit it was “a candid recognition from the President of how much political damage calls from within his party to defund the police have actually caused.”

But that is what happens when politicians like Congresswoman Kim Shrier cave to their far-left extremist base instead of doing what is right.  And it’ll cost her in November.

Kim Schrier Blocks McMorris Rodgers Energy Independence Bill

According to The Seattle Timesgas prices have hit a new high in Washington State as Vladimir Putin continues committing war crimes against Ukraine and detaining his own people for protesting his invasion. Despite that, Congresswoman Kim Schrier refuses to make it more difficult on Putin to commit his war crimes against innocent Ukrainians, including women and children.

The Congresswoman blocked Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s “American Energy Independence from Russia Act” that would increase American energy production and exploration to break our dependency on Putin for our energy needs. This is just the latest example of Congresswoman Schrier siding with the usual band of far-left liberals like Nancy Pelosi and AOC.

Jesse Jensen Statement: “Congresswoman Schrier had a chance to stick it to Vladimir Putin but instead she chose to keep us dependent on a vile war criminal for our energy needs. It is clear that Congresswoman Schrier has gone to Washington and has quickly lost her way.” 

Multimillionaire Kim Schrier Once Again Sticks it to the Working Class

Multimillionaire Congresswoman Kim Schrier is once again sticking it to the middle class. Despite energy prices continuing to skyrocket, she voted last night to block a bill to ease the burden of high energy costs on working families.

We get that Schrier and her estimated net worth of $6 million may not be feeling the squeeze from the skyrocketing costs of energy, but the people of Washington’s 8th District certainly are.

It’s too bad that Kim Schrier wasn’t illegally trading American energy stocks instead of Apple stocks. Because then maybe Schrier would have voted in a way that would benefit her constituents for once instead of just her lush bank account.